Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jane's House

I have a few photos of my friend Jane's design wall, taken while she was working through her HouseTop quilts in a couple of my classes.
two blocks and some colour ideas
Jane is a meticulous and methodical sewist, with a refined and particular flair for colour. Her knowledge of quilt history is expansive, and she has collected and sold many antique quilts. She displayed a wonderful array from her collection at the Whistler Valley Quilt Show in 2011.

adding sashing

Jane started her striped HouseTop quilt in a class in June, and brought the work in progress to another class in November, where she started another quilt. Can't wait to see what she'll have next time I see her!
Here it is, sewn together and with one of the borders she has designed sewn on.

Jane's neat set-up, and her wee Singer featherweight machine.

Jane started out on a different fabric story with the second quilt in her series. This time she had a contemporary leaf print and worked it up with solids and black.
Working in a series is great, because
all the stuff you learn in the first quilt
gets used in the next quilts, and you build up
a language all your own.

three improvised blocks

playing with layout and filler parts.

In a mad dash to locate lost keys some spilled coffee narrowly misses besmirching the sewn top! A lucky end to two days of hard but fun work.

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