Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The first day of spring.
I love first days.
Another new year's celebration for those with a short attention span.

I have a pile of bright new solid fabrics all washed and dried and ready to press, ready to inspire, ready to be stripes, ready for whatever...  and ....I have two new classes to design.

1). Epic Skills For The Modern Patchworker - I'd like to teach the basics - so a person can have at their fingertips any technique needed to get their own fabulous designs out into the world. And some finicky stuff, like joining the ends of binding, and making nice mitered corners, easy ways to make good triangles in any size, nestling seam allowances, pressing geek-outs, etc. As time allows, I'll teach specific skills to those wanting to know how to do ... "that"!

2). Improv Quilt for Anybody - This one will be a class for anyone who wants to make a quilt, mixing big pieces of special fabrics (an old favorite shirt? Gran's embroidered linens?) and patchwork bits and other cloth... to plan, cut and piece a unique quilt top. I hope to have experienced quilters who wish to "loosen up" and new quilters who are simply excited by the whole idea of patchwork and its possibilities and people who just want to make a quilt.

Yay for the first day of spring.

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