Friday, January 17, 2014

Tweedle Do Workshops

See events page for posters of the two workshops I am organizing this spring. Anna Heywood-Jones and Maria Shell are teaching in our week long art retreat. Go deep and join in. Elevate your art life!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

First and Last

Improvisational Amalgamation

I'm working on the first quilt of 2014, which I actually made a point of having up on my design wall as the final quilt design of 2013. I don't know if thats cheating somehow, … calling it the last quilt of one year and the first quilt of the next…. in any case, one day rolls into another, quilts get started and finished, life goes on. The parts were made at different times, the funny little log cabiny bits were made in 2010, when my sewing room was set up on the porch in the first year we moved to the island. The triangle parts were made this year, one day at a sew-in with the guild, and the top left corner and other stripey bits were made with scraps from a workshop I did with Nancy Crow in 2012. So its a multi year endeavour, one that shows how my pack rat habits can pay off.
Improvisational piecing is so much fun. Sherri Lynn Wood at Daintytime has put out a call to participate in her new book on the subject, which I think is just great! If you like doing improvisational work, go look at her post, you can apply to play! I love collaborating and plan to do much more of it. Do you have collaborative projects you have worked on?