Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I just made a discovery. Maybe I rediscovered, but gave myself permission to see today.

Here it is -

I want to sew all the time!

I have been trying to make good art. I make art by cutting fabric and piecing it into a composition, then I quilt it. Its really hard sometimes, and sometimes its really easy. When its hard, I avoid the work, and I have a million, billion ways to avoid the work. Sometimes I don't go into my studio because its too hard and sometimes I go in there and make other things. When I make other things I feel good, because I'm making something (I love to sew- did I mention that already?), but I also feel bad because I am not working on the art thats hard.
If I don't work on the art, it will not get better. This I know because I read things on the facebook  and  other places where artists write things like this. These artists and photographers and writers and musicians... they tell me to do the work , make the crap, make mistakes, make a lot of art- good and bad, keep working, work work work. This is why I feel bad when I have fun making other stuff! Because I am not doing the artwork. I should not feel bad making stuff, I should not feel bad period.

I am going to set aside time to make things, and time to work on the art that can be hard. I will set some goals for making things to wear or to sell and I am going to feel good about it! It seems so simple, but I wasn't ready to hear it until just now.

Gotta go - back to my work room to finish the linen pants that I have been enjoying making! Tonight I will work on the art.

Feel free to comment - I love to hear how people feel about procrastination and how to deal with it.


  1. Well I am trying not to think of all the "fun"sewing I am not doing. So does that mean that art isn't or shouldn't be "fun"? I hear about the passion people have while making art and I feel I am passionate about it. But feel I am lacking something to put the "zing" back into what is art and the art that should be fun as well. So now that that si as clear as mud, I will get back to work and make art.

  2. Thanks Colleen. Ha. Mud indeed. I get moments of fun, zing, whatever it's called when I make art, but my brow is mostly furrowed. Is it because I take myself too seriously? Do you? Did Picasso? Lets ask around!

  3. I think the key here is discipline and rewards. I have been struggling to create a good fitting pair of pants. I am so frustrated by the fact that my skill level is not where I want it to be, AND by the fact that while my other clothes look beautifully crafted, my pants look like a Home Ec project. So, I have been forcing myself to do the work, but after each failed attempt I reward myself with something fun. The trick is to not go two or three weeks into your reward. I have had that happen many times. I usually curtail it by having set deadlines. For example, I have to stop sewing clothes on Friday because I need to get back to making quilts for a self-imposed deadline at the end of this month. Entering shows is one way that I create self-imposed deadlines. I have that pant pattern you are sewing, and I do hope you will share the results!

    1. The pant pattern was good - but super roomy! I took many inches off each side - hip to knee. Make sure you use drapey fabric as I used a linen and cotton blend that has a stiffness to it which is kinda cool, but not as I expected. I can imagine a soft wool knit would be perfect for them. If I feel brave enough to photograph my @$$, I will share them.