Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Sew In A Box

This post should have come before the last post. 

There it is, reflected in the fuzzy iron. One quarter of the quilt I am working on. 

My sewing/art studio is a converted shipping container. Its a small one, measuring 8' x8' x20'. There is a wall with a sliding glass door built in about 18" from the end with the big steel doors. This means I have a little porch! And it means I can shut the big steel doors if the weather is really bad, or if we are going away for a bit. Also, those doors open to the garden, which is great for when I need to clear my head from art experiences that are too intense... i just get out there and pull some weeds. There is a regular door down near the other end. My talented and capable husband, who is the master mind and sole creator of said shipping-container-conversion-to-art-studio took the regular door and installed a big window into it. So there is the natural light, a windowed door at one end and a sliding glass door at the other end.
The container is insulated and has white walls and lots of lighting and there is a small propane heat stove which easily heats the whole area.
The end wall, not the one with the sliding doors but the other one, is all design wall. Its made from a fibrous board that will take a pin, and is covered in flannel so cotton fabric sticks to it. It measures about 90" x 90". There is another 72" x 90" design wall to the right of that.
I am currently working on some biiiiig quilts. The aim is to finish at 90" x 90", making my design wall too small! With the seam allowances and edges-that-will-need-to-be-trimmed, the wall needs to be at least 100" x 100". I decided to solve the issue by piecing one quarter of each quilt at a time. I have now made three pieces that are a quarter of the finished size, and I cannot make them go together! Aargh! Now what! Stay tuned.


  1. I love that your studio was a shipping container!

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