Monday, July 30, 2012

some girls

Some girls dream of looking (or being) like a beautiful movie star, like Angelica Houston or Kate Winslet, but me? I wanna be these guys... 

Okay - let's talk this through... figure it out.... Jeff Bridges has great hair, that might be it. The wrinkles look really good on him, and he doesn't apologize for any of it, that might be it. He shows an intensity, a focus, that makes me want to be him, plus, he's hot...
The other guy is John Wolseley, a tapestry artist. He looks cool, and intense, because he has that hair (again with the hair!) and the wrinkles and the custom made waistcoat with all the pens he needs and his glasses hanging on his neck if he needs them, and then there is some kind of bag hanging on his body, probably carrying a change of clothes and perhaps a bed roll (if he needs it)  and maybe even more pens, .... I think its the nomadic, yet prepared (and not a little neurotic), intense look about him that makes me want to be him.
It looks like it boils down to intensity, self sufficiency, self assuredness and good hair - that makes me want to be these guys, even though both Angelica and Kate are quirky and beautiful in their own ways. Go figure.

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