Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trip!

Very soon - perhaps Monday afternoon - we'll pack up the truck and head down the road for a holiday. Every year (we missed one due to moving house) for the past 12 years or so, we have made the  trip to Weiser, Idaho for a week of giggles, sun, camping and music. Life on the island is so good, however, its been hard to imagine leaving our baby plants and our old cat to have a vacation from a life which is like a vacation. And then I remembered how seeing new landscapes and changing the daily patterns energizes me, and how this is the best music week of the year for my husband and it always energizes him artistically. And we laugh, a lot!  So, we'll be gone for a week or so, living in the Kencraft, seeing new things, hearing and playing good notes.
On the patchwork front - I must have been inspired by the stripes on the camper - I got right down to work a few days ago and made the top for the Red Challenge. The textile art group I belong to in North Vancouver - Cutting Edge - has presented a challenge to make a quilt that measures 30" x 48" and reads as red (read?). So I have completed top #1, I have more ideas on this...


  1. Have a great holiday in Weiser ... certainly sounds like you've been busy. You need to post a pic of the completed Red piece - maybe once you're home again? Laugh often and long.


  2. Love the concept of vintage camper inspired quilts!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.