Monday, August 15, 2011


This is monday, the day after the weekend that 42 quilts hung in our forest yard.
My friend and neighbour and fellow quilter and I , just the two of us, had these 42 quilts ready to hang in the woods, and our fantastic husbands made it happen by rigging ropes in the trees and tying spring clamps in a no-slip kinda way to accommodate our work.

We hosted some 135 people for a walk in the woods to view our work, and we had great support from our community. They seemed to love it, they liked the work, they liked the woods, they liked the idea, men liked it and women liked it. They liked seeing our little house, and enjoyed being on the ridge where it sits.

We sold absolutely nothing, but the thrill of the show was enough for me, and we have learned a few things. Its a process, this business of being an artist. One step at a time.

Photos to follow soon, but today I need to harvest the garlic, put away the quilts, pack up the ropes and clamps and go clean up the bottle depot, which I left in a mess on saturday, rushing to get back home to the Quilt Forest.

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