Friday, August 26, 2011


K and I have been in the city for a few days. We want to go home! We love our forest and our garden and the cat and our wee home. We are here getting my father settled into his new home. It hasn't been easy.
I had a vision about "drawing" with patchwork- now I gotta get home and sew it! I have the quilt started, up on my design wall, with hard line scribbles and bits, but I just got a vision of another part- smudgy, like when you're drawing with a soft material and your hand rubs the lines and makes it smudgy- or when you erase and leave smudgy marks. I need to get back to my machine and see if I can turn the vision into something. That's how it goes- idea, sew, more ideas, more sewing, practicing the art and craft all at the same time.

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