Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is the first one. Thats why its called one.
House of Bug is a place to set down ideas, whats going on right now here at the house, what may go on in the future, a place to note the things that move me.
My current thrill is the 'sungold' tomato plant on the back patio that puts forth perfectly round buds of semi transparent deeply orange gorgeousness, that when eaten transport a person to a place so sunny and robust with life that it takes a moment to come back to the here and now to savour this very moment. Its quite a ride, really.

I love my bug. Built in 1963 and bought by a lovely purple loving character of a woman named Maxine when she was 45 years old. She drove it and cared for it and kept it in a garage that her husband built for 45 years. Now I get to drive it and care for it and I hope to do that for 45 years before Lila-Bug passes on to the next lover of beautiful (and practical) things.

The lady next door is about 90 months pregnant with her second child. I made a small cowboy quilt for her first, and I'm making a little quilt with stripes and dots and animal faces for this one.

I'm knitting a striped scarf for my friend Paula so the winter on the west coast is a little easier to bear.

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  1. Lucky you, my cherry and big tomatoes are not quite ripe yet.
    Scarf for Paula, not goddess Paula back on the west coast?
    I do love that purple bug.