Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finished Project

I love it when a project is completed.

The quilt for the baby next door is all done. His name is Gibson and his dad is in the music business, so I used fabric with guitars on it for the back.
I finished the patchwork, layered it and quilted it just so I could have the thrill of sewing the binding on. I love a striped binding.
Weekends are not long enough. I use Saturday to catch my breath, some would even say I daydream the day away, and on Sunday I just start to enjoy the time, dig in to a project and the cold hard reality of leaving the house again on Monday sets in. I'll have to change my outlook, maybe my habits, because it seems that I will be working for a while yet.

On Saturday, I had a nice late breakfast with Jackie at the Roundel Cafe on Hastings St, and we walked up the block a bit looking in the little gallery shops that are opening up. The neighbourhood is growing into something new. I walked past Elizabeth's house on my way home to check in, but nobody home. Fortunately she drove up as I was halfway down the street so we had a wee chat through the window. Its nice to have friends close by.

Sunday was a walk in the park (Stanley) with Pat. We haven't seen each other all summer as she spent a lot of time with her mom on the island sorting things out with her. It was very good to catch up and she seems happy now that her mom's health and papers are in better shape. Pat served tea and some delicious pumpkin pie that William made. She tells me this is his season to practice making pumpkin pies and as the weather gets cooler his pies become evermore delicious.

Ken made progress on the deck out back. I love it. Its all bolted and the posts are in and the wood he saved from the old porch is not up to snuff, so we need to price something else. Too bad we can't re-use, but its full of holes and would not be a good roof for the area underneath.

Homer mostly slept all day.

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