Friday, December 5, 2014

This Weekend - Craft Show

Texture. Shiny texture.

I've made some necklaces, spoons and flannel dinner napkins. The spoons and pendants are made of rehabbed silver and copper. The photo above shows an example of the texture, the following pics show all of the spoons I have for our booth at the Denman Island Craft Fair.

1. (see the quarter with the moose on it and the dime with the sailboat - the Bluenose, actually - for scale. FYI the Canadian coins are the same size as those of our neighbours to the south.)





The Craft Fair is fantastic, filled with community love, beautiful crafts and food like you wouldn't believe. Our table will have my stuff as well as quilts, knitted toys and fingerless gloves, homemade (and yummy) mustards, biscotti, oat cakes and other good things to eat. My better half has been very busy making wooden cutting boards ... like this;
 look how that padouk glows!
and pizza peels like this:

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