Thursday, November 21, 2013


I really need to get more regular with this!

Now I have to catch up again.

Above you will see a photo of my beloved Bernina 1090.
I've had it for about ten years, but its been around for longer than that. These guys were made in the 1990's sometime, and this one was used in a fabric and quilting store to make samples, drapery, pillows and probably just about everything else! There is nothing wrong with this old beauty, but the old style light is dim and there is a bit of a whine in the motor that makes me nervous that I'm going to lose her....
Add that to my yearning for a machine with more throat space and to my having the opportunity to sit down and try a Juki TL98Q straight stitch machine, and whoosh!!! a new machine was on its way to my little shipping container studio!

So I packed my Bernina into its beautiful hard case and put it away in a safe (and easily accessible) place, cuz she'll do things no other machines will do, and I unpacked my new machine...

I cleaned up a little... but not too much, because I had better things to do with my time than cleaning- like SEWING! This machine is fast! its a Juki TL2010Q, which replaced the 98Q, it goes 1500 rpm, (1500 stitches per minute = 25 stitches per second, according to my husband) which I assume means 1500 stitches per minute, but whatever the rpm stands for, its fast! It has a nice bright light, and it has a biiiig space to the right of the needle in which to stuff a quilt.

Let me tell you one thing - on the Bernina, when you press your heel on the foot pedal - the thing that makes your machine go - the machine does a half rotation, meaning if your needle is in the down position and you give the foot pedal a tap with your heel, the needle comes up, and vice versa, if the needle is down, it'll come on up. I loved this feature - I could set the machine to always have the needle in the down position when I stopped sewing (great for machine quilting), and if I gave it a bump with my heel, the needle would come up. Great. Used it for years, it was second nature for me. Okay - now on this new speedy machine, if I bump my heel on the foot pedal, guess what- the thread cutter is activated!!! It will take me a while to get used to this.

But its fast, its really fast. And I love that. I have never really been a lead foot on the sewing machine, I'm a pretty careful stitiche, slowly and majestically as the sign says, but I really am enjoying this speed!


  1. Wow, lucky you! Juki's go like the wind, and are SOLID!

    1. Hi Heather. I bought it online from Sewing and Embroidery Warehouse (SEW) in Manitoba. They shipped it right to my door! I thought you would appreciate that service - knowing about island delivery!
      It does go like the wind, and hums along like a well engineered machine.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Katie! It absolutely does! That is, if it's driver can do it! The feed dogs drop. My next project is to write a poem on a quilt with it. I'll show photos soon.