Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bring me sunshine!

and bugs?

I googled House Of Bug (I was looking for my blog so I could share the sunshine)... 
And I got sites that help eradicate bed bugs, stink bugs and lady bugs.

The sunshine I want to share is here, in this video... See what happens when you spread the cheer? Shouldn't we all have yellow ukuleles in springtime?

House of Bug is not named after stink bugs or lady bugs.... but Lila the purple bug.


  1. check out this bug artist ... metal and glass ... Sean Goddard. He lives on Saltspring ... creating amazing bugs, just perfect to be a fly on your wall ...Lila would love his work.

    1. I think I have one of his wee bugs... a gift from my SIL on Saltspring.

  2. Yay for Lili the purple bug!

    Great video, you gotta love ukeleles! Thanks, that made my day!