Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ellen's Fab Bee request. So colourful and fun!

My contribution to Ellen's Hundreds and Thousands. Two blocks, no leftovers!

Whew! August rushed by! The photos are of September's Fab Bee blocks. September already!

    July seemed to lope along, but by the time August was here things were moving fast.
Stacey and I, with lots of help, prepped and hung and hosted the Quilt Forest, then the Conspiracy team got up and running again with the Creative Threads Conspiracy,  (we are giving presentations to local quilter's guilds, which seems to be better publicity than the print advertising we have been doing, but both things are getting the word out, and resulting in registrations. Live and learn!), we had some wonderful guests here, and my husband's trio had a gig at the local bistro. Our visitor and friend John sat in with them, so it was a trio of four, and the show went over well!
    We participated in the Croquet, Not Coal tournament and I brought home a trophy, (having never won a thing for an athletic (*ahem*) endeavor, I was pleased!) and funds were raised for the Denman Opposes Coal group to battle against the proposed Raven Coal Mine.
    The tomatoes in the hoop house are actually turning a colour other than green (fantastic!) and I have harvested a couple of cucumbers, plenty of potatoes, a feed or two of green beans, a trombone squash- which I should have photographed and didn't, plenty of peas off the trellis, beets, cilantro, basil, parsley, greens and kale and some carrots. That's better than last year, so we are pleased.

Miss August of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild (a lovely and talented bunch of sewists) was super complimentary toward me. It makes it all worthwhile, if even one person is changed by what I do.

First, she said "Barb Mortell’s course has made me love sewing", and then... this is how she answered question #12 in an interview...

"12. Who is your favourite quilt designer? And why?
Barb Mortell. Because she doesn’t care if the lines are straight! And she taught me that! I can’t thank her enough. The pressure of perfect lines has disappeared. I can just relax and sew."

And then she said "I loved my Barb Mortell quilt top! Did I mention she’s the best?"
Gosh! I am torn between blushing and swelled head! And Miss August is no slouch in the creative department.... her photographic documentation makes you want to be where she is, and be grateful that she is there with her camera and her unique eye. Thanks Carol Browne!

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  1. Barb you made a HUGE impact on our guild! And I have to say I have never enjoyed making a quilt so much as the one I made with the blocks from your workshop...now getting them posted, well that's different entirely ;)but it will get done-promise!